Sanitary Program

Permits & Information

A State Sanitary Permit is required for the installation of a private on-site wastewater treatment system (POWTS). A County Sanitary Permit is required for the repair, reconnection or rejuvenation of a POWTS or for the installation of a non-plumbing sanitation (i.e. privy, composting toilet, etc.)

A Sanitary Permit is required prior to obtaining a building permit from Town Staff. A Sanitary Permit may only be submitted by a licensed plumber. Staff will conduct at least one inspection for all work requiring a sanitary permit.


The proper maintenance of a POWTS is essentially to ensure the longevity of your private sewage system and to avoid premature failure.

  • As a property owner, you are required to properly maintain your septic system. To assist you, St. Croix County requires a Sanitary System Ownership/Address Form be submitted with your sanitary application by your plumber/contractor. Once approved, this completed form and educational information will be sent to you by email. 

If you would like to view your issued sanitary permit, you can do so by using Property Files Scanned.


Why am I getting this postcard to have my septic pumped?
You are receiving a card because the Community Development Dept has been given a mandate (June 2005) by the State of Wisconsin to accurately keep a record of the maintenance on all private wastewater treatment systems (septic systems) in St. Croix County. Prior to the 2005 mandate, the property owner(s) were responsible to keep the system maintained. The State law has been in effect since 1981.


Septic systems are required to be properly inspected or pumped every 3 years. Inspections may be conducted by a master plumber, POWTS inspector, septage servicing operator, or POWTS maintainer.