Land Use and Zoning

Appointments will help to create a better visit outcome. Please call 715-386-4680 to make an appointment prior to visiting the office.

The Land Use / Zoning department regulates the types of uses which can occur in each zoning district, as well as the specific development standards for each zoning district.

Conditional Use Permits

Conditional Use permits are required for a use that is listed as a "Conditional Use" within a zoning district. A list of possible conditional uses are included in the St. Croix County Zoning Ordinance under each Zoning District. A conditional use request is reviewed by the Board of Adjustment. It is strongly recommended the applicant meet with staff to discuss the request before an application is submitted.


Variances allow development that is inconsistent with the dimensional standards conditioned in the ordinance, variances cannot be issued to approve uses that are inconsistent with the ordinance. The Board of Adjustment is authorized by statute to grant variances to the strict terms of the Land Use Ordinance only when certain criteria exist. It is the applicant's responsibility to prove that those criteria exist at the site and that a variance can be granted. Staff should be contacted if you believe you have a valid request for a variance.


A pre-application meeting with a member of the Land Use staff is highly suggested. Please call 715-386-4680 to schedule a meeting today!

Applications are due on the first Monday of the month.

Board of Adjustment (BOA)

Visit the Board of Adjustment page for more information.

FAQ for Land Use & Zoning

The following answers to question are general responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) the Community Development Department receives. The Land Use Ordinances including Sanitary, Land Division, General Zoning, Shoreland, Riverway and Floodplain Overlay Districts can be a complicated process to understand and enforce with a variety of factors that may alter the response to individual questions.