Eckert Blufflands on the St. Croix

TEckert Blufflandshe new Eckert Blufflands County Park is along the St. Croix River just north of Hudson and consists of nearly 170 acres of wooded upland, deep ravines, former agricultural fields, over 100-foot high river bluffs, and more than half a mile of river shoreline. The Eckert Blufflands Park Master Planning process began in the Spring of 2020.

St. Croix County Hunting Plan

The St Croix County Hunting Plan allows hunters to make informed decisions about upcoming seasons and hunting areas in county parks. The Hunting Plan provides current season information.

All hunters wishing to hunt at Eckert Blufflands will be required to complete a once per season hunting registration form, providing name, phone number, DNR ID number, vehicle information, and type of hunting planned. Registration forms can be found at the link above or at a self-registration station at Homestead Parklands on Perch Lake. Hunters not preregistered may be subject to fines and loss of hunting privileges at SCC Parks. All other park properties do not require a preregistration form to hunt.

Eckert Blufflands Park Master Plan: Approved By The County Board February 1st, 2022

Eckert Blufflands Park Master Plan Map (PDF)

Eckert Blufflands Park Master Plan (PDF)

Appendix (supplemental plan information) (PDF)

Powerpoint Project Overview (PDF)

Economic Information Estimates - Eckert Blufflands Park (PDF)