Citizen Groundwater Monitoring Program

This page is for homeowners who have interest in being part of the Groundwater Monitoring Program.

St. Croix County’s population is nearing 90,000 people and groundwater is the sole source of residential drinking water supply. Approximately 50% of the population in St. Croix County relies on private wells for drinking water, and private well owners are responsible for drinking water testing and treatment. The Citizen Groundwater Monitoring Program (CGMP) is a 5-year groundwater study that began in the fall of 2019. The program aims to understand long-term trends in groundwater nitrate contamination throughout the County through annual sampling of the same wells for the program duration, and provides participants with five years of free water testing. The program also aims to gain a better understanding of St. Croix County groundwater aquifer health and determine the primary factors that contribute to a private drinking water well’s susceptibility to contamination in St. Croix County.

The program samples private wells on a voluntary basis across the county and would not be possible without citizen participation. To learn more about the CGMP, please visit the Citizen Groundwater Monitoring Program StoryMap for details regarding the project background, groundwater basics, and first year preliminary data analysis.

Joining the Citizen Groundwater Monitoring Program

Interested in joining the CGMP? Good news, there are still available study grids for years 2-5 of the program! The CGMP utilizes study grids to ensure adequate spatial representation of the County, and if you are interested in joining the CGMP, please utilize the Interactive CGMP Grid Map to determine if your private well is located in an available grid (available grids are displayed in gray). You can use the address search tool in the upper right corner of the interactive map to find if your well is located in and available grid. If your well is located in an available study grid, please reach out to Cole Webster for more details about getting signed up.

Additional Information

To learn more about the purpose of this program, please view the Prioritized Recommendations from the Ground & Surface Water Quality Study report.