Protect your Vital Records

Tips to Help Protect You and Your Family from Identity Theft

Your vital record contains important identity information about you and your family members. In the wrong hands, the information could be used to commit identity theft. Please consider the following:

  • Store the certified copy of your vital record in a secure place (birth, death, marriage or divorce certificate).
  • Do not carry the vital record with you unless you know you will need to show it for legal reasons.
  • Government agencies and financial institutions that need to see certified copies of your vital records should return your document. Always Ask!
  • Don't allow any organization (schools, youth/sports groups, coaches) to make copies or keep certified copies of your vital record. This is considered a felony. Have them view the record to confirm eligibility and document in their records that they have done this. They should not compile information on the certificate as this could lead to identity theft.
  • It is illegal for anyone, including you, to copy Wisconsin vital records (only 2 exceptions - financial institutions and certain state or federal government offices).