Types of Adoption

There are several types of adoptions:

  • Stepparent adoption (PDF) is an adoption of a minor child by the spouse of the custodial parent.  This adoption can only proceed following the termination or death of the non-custodial biological parent.
  • Adult adoption (PDF) is an adoption of an adult.
  • Foreign adoption (PDF) is an adoption proceeding in the United States of a foreign-born child. This is the second and final adoption proceeding. The first proceeding was conducted in and by the country where the child was born.
  • Domestic adoption is an adoption of a child born to Unites States citizens.  An adoption agency and/or an attorney will typically assist the adoptive parents with this type of adoption. Therefore, there are no procedure guidelines available.

Starting the Adoption Process

What is the process to start an adoption proceeding with the court?

  • Access the adoption procedure guideline that fits your situation.
  • Complete the forms listed in the procedure guideline.
  • File the completed forms with the Register in Probate office.
  • Continue to follow the procedure guideline.

Additional Resources

You may seek the advice of an attorney at any time during the adoption process.