Tattoo & Body Piercing Establishments

St. Croix County Public Health is an agent of State of WI Department of Safety and Professional Services(DSPS) to license and inspect tattoo and body piercing establishments with the county per Chapter SPS 221.

To submit a plan review or license application go to: License and Inspections

Body Piercing

"Body piercing" means perforating any human body part or tissue, except an ear, and placing a foreign object in  the perforation to prevent the perforation from closing.  


"Tattoo", as a verb, means to insert pigment under the surface of the skin of a person, by pricking with a needle or otherwise, so as to produce an indelible mark, or figure through the skin. This does include permanent cosmetics.

Licensing Requirements

Practitioner License: Any individual who performs a "body piercing" and/or "tattoo" is required to be licensed by the state of WI Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and operate in a licensed Tattoo/Body Pierce establishment.  To obtain a practitioner license contact DSPS.

If your shop needs to apply for a variance because it does not have an autoclave as using all single service items, complete the DSPS Variance Form.

In addition to the requirements of SPS 221 establishments in St. Croix County per ordinance Chapter 45 (PDF) must ensure that all it's practitioners have blood borne pathogen training every 24 months, has an Exposure Control plan with all required components, the plan is reviewed with staff training annually, and the written after instructions includes the recommendation to seek medical attention with the presence of stated signs and symptoms of infection.

Contact us for the Body Art After Care Instructions and the Exposure Control Templates.

The St. Croix County has a free blood borne pathogen course with quiz that can be taken to satisfy that requirement. Here is a link to the video: St. Croix County Blood Borne Pathogen Training for Body Art Professionals

Complete the training video and then click this link to complete the exam. Participants will receive a course certificate that must be posted in the Body Art Establishment with their State of WI Practitioners License.