Animal Bites & Rabies

If Your Pet Bites Someone

If you own a dog, cat or ferret that bit (or scratched) someone and have questions about the St Croix County Quarantine Order you were issued, please read What You Need to Know If Your Cat or Dog Bites Someone . If you still have questions, please contact Environmental Health.

If You Have Been Bitten

If you have been bitten (or scratched) by a dog, cat or ferret, law enforcement should be notified. The animal’s owner will be issued a St Croix County Animal Quarantine Order and the animal will be placed under a 10 day quarantine. During this time, a veterinarian will determine if the animal could have passed the rabies virus to you through the bite or scratch. 

Public Health will follow-up to ensure the animal’s owner is complying with the order. If at any point during the quarantine, it is determined you need to start the rabies prophylaxis, Public Health will notify you. At the end of the quarantine, you will be notified when the animal passes the final veterinarian exam with no risk of you getting the rabies virus from the bite or scratch.

On nights and weekends, consult with your health care provider.  Your health care provider can also contact the state of WI epidemiologist concerning rabies at the emergency answering service at 608-258-0099.