Sheriff's Mounted Posse

The Mounted Posse was formed in 2016 to aid the Sheriff's Office in Search and Rescue functions and participate in public relations events. The Posse consists of qualified civilian volunteers who uphold the values of the Sheriff's Office. Members consist of a variety of backgrounds, including; EMS, Fire & Rescue, teaching, the medical field, and exceptional horse enthusiasts.

The Posse may be called out in the event of a natural disaster, wide-scale emergency, or other specific needs as identified by the Sheriff. They are specially trained in Search and Rescue efforts for a multitude of reasons.

General qualifications are:

  • Passing a background check
  • Interview with the Sheriff
  • Mounted testing
  • Immediate access to truck and trailer
  • Attendance at the required number of classroom trainings, mounted trainings, and mock searches
Mounted Posse