Medical Examiner

It is the mission of the medical examiner’s office to serve the public with trained medicolegal death investigators to ensure accurate and scientific investigations when determining cause and manner of death, as stated in Wisconsin Statute’s. Accurate investigation and determination of cause and manner of death are essential to our community when tracking trends in, Public Health, drug related deaths, suicide, crashes and child deaths.

The St Croix County Medical Examiner’s Office is keenly aware of the tragedy that accompanies sudden and unexpected death and realizes that each case represents an individual who is deeply missed by his/her loved ones. Our investigators are trained to deliver the news of death with compassion, empathy, courtesy, and professionalism. A thorough investigation into the circumstances of death, complete postmortem examination, and necessary lab studies are conducted to determine cause and manner.


The St Croix County Medical Examiner’s office works diligently to:

  • Promote and maintain the highest professional standards in the field of death investigation
  • Provide timely, accurate and legally defensible determinations as to the cause of death
  • Enhance public health and safety through reducing the incidence of preventable deaths
  • Foster public awareness and support the advancement of professional medical and legal education
  • Protect the interests of deceased individuals, their loved ones, and the communities we serve


The St. Croix County Medical Examiner's Office is charged with investigating and determining the cause, circumstances and manner in each case of sudden, unexpected or unusual death. The Medical Examiner also provides services in the area of public health and safety such as:

  • Detecting tuberculosis, hepatitis, meningitis and other infectious diseases to take the proper precautions against the spread of disease
  • Coordinating with other public health and safety organizations and entities to reduce the incidence of preventable deaths
  • Issuing death certificates for deaths investigated by this office
  • Conducting cremation investigations for all St Croix County deaths in which cremation is selected as a means of disposition
  • Maintaining a forensic toxicology (drug) laboratory for testing blood and body fluid specimens for the presence of drugs, poisons or other toxic agents
  • Hosting an annual seminar designed to educate pathologists, coroners, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and other health professionals on a variety of topics relating to forensic science

Note: On occasion, an exact cause or manner of death is not immediately determined following an autopsy or investigation. Special laboratory tests or further investigation may be necessary. As a result, there are occasions when a death certificate may not be available for eight to ten weeks, or longer. In those situations, a pending death certificate will be filed within ten to twelve days of death, and later replaced with an Amended death certificate once the cause and/or manner of death has been established.