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1. What help can the Register of Deeds office provide for drafting my own real estate documents?
2. I am considering buying a parcel of real estate. How can I find out what liens, if any have been filed against it?
3. Can I do my own title search?
4. Can the Register of Deeds tell me if I have good and clear title?
5. How do I change my deed so that it reflects my married name?
6. If one trustee of a trust dies, is it necessary to take any immediate action?
7. We recently paid off our home mortgage. When will we get a new deed showing that we no longer owe the bank anything?
8. I paid off a Federal Income Tax Lien but it is still showing on my credit report. Why?
9. I have been told I need to get a “legal description” of my property. Where do I get that?