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Plan Review

  1. Review Type:
    This form submittal is the first step in the process in becoming licensed or the first step when you are just considering getting licensed. Completing this form will connect you with an inspector from our office that will review your plans based on the code(s) our department enforces and answer your questions. Which review type are you submitting?
  2. Other Considerations for Facilities:
    Our Department will review and issue licenses based on the codes listed below. There are other jurisdictions that may also have requirements such as zoning, building codes, well, and septic. Complete this section to determine whom to contact regarding these subjects.
  3. Where will this facility be located?
  4. Well and Septic:
    Will this project be located on private or city water/septic. Check those that apply:
  5. Zoning, Building Codes, Well, and Septic :*
  6. About our Facility Types:
    Here is the list of the facility types that our Department issues licenses for with links to the state codes for each. Also for more information on each of these license types is a link to our webpage.
  7. View the codes for our license types.

    - ATCP 76- Safety, Maintenance and Operation of Public Pools and Water Attractions

    - SPS 221- Tattooing and Body Piercing 

    - ATCP 73- Bed & Breakfast 

    - ATCP 78- Recreational and Educational Camps

    - ATCP 79- Campgrounds

    - ATCP 72- Hotels, Motels and Tourist Rooming Houses

    - ATCP 73- Bed & Breakfast 

    - ATCP 75- Retail Food Establishments

    - Wisconsin Food Code

    - SPS 326- Manufactured Home Communities

  8. Tell us More About Your Plans:
    Based on the your review type and the facility type complete the following. Your submittal will be assigned to an inspector and they will be in contact with you.
  9. This is the list of facility types that we license. Which of them are considering opening?
  10. Tattoo/Body Piercing/Permanent Cosmetics
    Our department licenses these Body Art Establishments. The practitioners that perform these procedures are licensed by the State of WI Department Safety and Professional Services and must perform these procedures in a licensed Body Art Establishment. Regarding Body Piercing, this license is required when piercing anything other than the ear. Keep in mind that when looking for a potential establishment location: in addition to having a bathroom with hand sink in it, each practitioners' station must have a hand sink convenient to it. Which type(s) of Body Art are you interested in?
  11. If you have a name selected, please provide.
  12. What type of legal ownership do you think you will be?
  13. If you have this please provide.
  14. Provide if different than establishment address info.
  15. Which of the following license type(s) are you requesting the plan review for? Check all that apply.
  16. Mobile Restaurant or Retail Food Establishment are required to have a service base. The service base is where supplies are stored, water storage is filled and emptied, and sometimes where food are prepped/dishes washed.
  17. If your facility is on a private well, you will have to have the water tested for coliform bacteria before we will release the license. If you have that now you can upload here. Please submit
  18. Upload a drawing/plan that shows bathroom with handwash, pratitioner work station(s), practitioner handwash sink(s), and where equipment is cleaned/autoclaved. Please submit to:
  19. Recreational Educational Camp
    Rec Ed Camps are facilities that combine food service, lodging, and camping into one license where there is an overnight stay with an educational component. Other requirements for this license include infirmary requirements, water front and other camp activity requirements, medical training requirements, and medication and treatment requirements.
  20. Recreational Educational Camp Requirements:
  21. Tattoo, Body Piercing, or Permanent Cosmetics
  22. Swimming Pool
    Commercial swimming pools are regulated by two codes: the construction and design and operation and maintenance. For newly constructed pools or pools that make changes to equipment or design; plans must be submitted to the state of WI Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). St. Croix County licenses all commercial pools once DSPS has completely signed off on the design and construction.
  23. Manufactured Home Community
    Note: Remodeled or New Manufactured Home Community must be plan reviewed by the state of WI Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). Once DSPS has approved the plans, St Croix County can license.
  24. Check all of the types of food processing you will be doing?
  25. Will you be handling raw meats or raw eggs?
  26. Will you have a self-service food bar?
  27. Will you keep food in a steam table or warmer?
  28. At least one handwashing sink is required. Handwashing sinks shall be conveniently located near food activity stations and dish cleaning areas and they cannot be blocked by doors or equipment. Typically, more than one handwash sink is required. All new faucets must be hands free. How many handsinks will you have?
  29. At least 1 service sink or 1 curbed cleaning facility equipped with a floor drain shall be provided and conveniently located for the cleaning of mops or similar wet floor cleaning tools and for the disposal of mop water and similar liquid waste. Do you have a utility/service sink included in plan?
  30. A food prep sink is required for all food facilities. This sink is used for washing foods and thawing foods under cold running water. Food prep sinks are plumbed with an air gap. Do you have a food prep sink included in plan?
  31. Utensil Wash
    A facility needs the adequate capacity to store soiled utensils prior to washing and needs sufficient space to allow for air drying of the clean utensils. Equipment must be available to adequately wash, rinse and sanitize dishes and utensils; please indicate your method below.
  32. Please list the make and models of all refrigerators and freezers. All refrigerators for storage of foods that require temperature control for safety must be commercial grade units. There are two standards of commercial refrigerators. One standard can be used for bottled beverages and prepackaged foods in retail establishments. The other standard are the full commerical units that are used in the kitchens of restaurants. Freezers can be homestyle if storing already frozen foods. If batch cooking and freezing foods then the freezer(s) also need to be commercial.
  33. Grease interception and exhaust hoods with or without fire suppression are required by the commercial building code depending on the amount and type(s) of heat and grease producing equipment. These are requirements of plumbing and heating/ventilation building codes. Your building inspector will determine when and if they are required. Discuss this with your building inspector. Have you considered this in your plan?
  34. Describe the type(s) of flooring that will be in food processing areas, dishwashing areas, and food preparation areas.
  35. Please describe the type(s) of wall coverings/surfaces in the food processing areas, dishwashing, and food storage areas.
  36. Please describe the type of ceiling that will be in the food processing, dishwashing area, and food storage areas.
  37. Lodging Facilities: What type of lodging facility are you?
    Unless you are a Bed & Breakfast establishment, all lodging facilities that want to serve food and or has pool(s) be sure that you have checked Restaurant or Retail Establishment and/or Swimming Pool on this form above.
  38. Campground: Which category applies:
  39. Campgrounds
    Independent Campsites are those that are designed for campers that have their own bathroom and water. Dependent Campsites are those that do not have their own bathrooms or water; so these are tent type sites.
  40. Sewer hookups must installed per plumbing code.
  41. Water distribution systems must be installed per plumbing code.
  42. Submit a plan of the campground that includes all of the following: the sites and their site destination #, the water hookups, electrical hookups, sewer sites, bathrooms, garbage, campground office, fire extinguisher, roadways, potable water supplies, well, septic, dump-station(s). Please submit to
  43. Electronic Signature Agreement
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that you authorize your electronic signature to be valid. IMPORTANT: Please submit a drawing/plan of your facility to
  44. Submittal:
    Check the "I'm not a robot" and then hit submit below. If you would like to receive an email copy of this submittal enter an email address below. An inspector will review your submittal and contact you. Thanks from St. Croix County Public Health!
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