What does crime victim compensation pay?

If you are a victim of a crime you can receive up to $40,000 for any one injury or death, including:

  • Medical, hospital, surgical, pharmacy, and mental health counseling expenses.
  • Lost wages.
  • Loss of support to a dependent of a crime victim who is killed.
  • Reasonable replacement cost of clothing or bedding held as evidence by the police, prosecutor, or crime lab-up to $300.
  • Reasonable replacement value for property held as evidence and made unusable by crime lab testing-up to $200.
  • Reasonable and necessary costs for securing and cleaning a crime scene-up to $1000.
  • Cost of homemaker services.
  • An additional $2000 may be paid for reasonable funeral expenses.
  • No property loss or damage is covered other than those describe above.

Note: The State of Wisconsin pays only those out-of-pocket expenses that are not paid or payable by a private or group insurance plan, public funds, or any other source, including the offender. If you receive monies from the offender or a third party through restitution or any civil action, you must re-pay the state for any monies paid out on your behalf.

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