What does it mean if a majority vote “no” and the referendum fails?

If the referendum fails to pass, the County will be faced with difficult decisions about how to address the growing need for public safety services. A rejection of the referendum would have a negative impact on our public safety service capacity. The existing two Mental Health Co-Responder positions will be eliminated at the end of 2024, forcing law enforcement to spend more time at scenes where a Co-Responder would be able take over and work toward better outcomes for those experiencing a mental health crisis.

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1. What is the proposed public safety referendum on the ballot?
2. What will appear on the ballot?
3. What will it mean if a majority of voters vote “yes”?
4. What does it mean if a majority vote “no” and the referendum fails?
5. What is the cost per household?
6. Would this increase be permanent?
7. Why do we need a referendum to raise the tax levy limit?
8. If approved, when will the tax levy increase go into effect and how soon will these positions be available?
9. If we have a growing population adding more taxpayers, why do we need to increase the tax levy through referendum?
10. Where do I find voting information?