How many animals can I have on my property?

The number of animals you are allowed to have on your property varies by the type of animal, size, and location of your property. Each type of animal is assigned an Animal Unit (AU) (example: a horse is 2 AU’s). Please use the Animal Unit Calculation Worksheet to calculate the total number of AU’s. 

  • No AU’s may be kept on lots or parcels less than 3 acres, nor on lots or parcels in a major subdivision unless provided for in the plat.
  • For Chickens and Ducks, you are required to follow the standards in Section 15.335 of the St. Croix County Code of Ordinances. 
  • One AU per acre of land suitable for animal waste utilization is allowed without a permit on lots or parcels of 3 acres or more in size. 
    1. Land suitable for animal waste utilization excludes:
      • Wetlands or lands below the OHWM
      • Closed depressions
      • Slopes in excess of 25% 
      • Other areas that may be determined as sensitive and adversely affecting surface water or groundwater quality

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