What is the purpose of the Zoning Code?

A Zoning Code is a set of regulations that determine how land can be used in a specific area. Zoning Codes are typically established by county or local governments and are used to control the development and use of land within their jurisdiction. These codes can include provisions for things like the types of buildings and uses that are allowed, the density of development, the height of buildings, and the size of lots. They are designed to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the community by regulating the use of land in ways that are consistent with the community's vision for its future.

For St. Croix County, the main purpose of the Zoning Code is to implement the County’s long-term planning policies. These are found in our Comprehensive Plan. As part of the plan, the land use chapter, and Generalized Future Local Land Use Map (vol. 1-11) establishes long-term policies for land use. The Zoning Code establishes development and land use metrics that implement the comprehensive plan, and zoning districts that align with the Generalized Future Local Land Use Map. The Zoning Code provides clear rules about what is expected of applicants in order to gain approval to develop land in the County.

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1. What is the purpose of the Zoning Code?
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