What is the cost per household?

To pay for the additional 8 public safety positions, property taxes would increase based off your equalized property value. The proposed levy increase is $896,000 each fiscal year going forward. The increase per $100,000 of equalized value is $5. It is important to note that this does not factor in growth to our County. We are currently one of the fastest growing counties in Wisconsin.

The increases in the table below are based on zero growth in the County. As our population grows and more people are paying taxes, the cost is spread out.

Equalized Property ValueProperty Tax Increase

Our property taxes are determined by the County’s Mill Rate. The Mill Rate for St. Croix County has decreased every year since 2013.

We know that no one likes seeing their property taxes increase, but did you know that County taxes account for 20% of the average property tax bill? That means less than 20 cents on every dollar you pay in property taxes goes to fund important services like 9-1-1 dispatch and our Sheriff’s Department, Court Services, and keeping our roads clear in the winter. The referendum will help ensure our services keep up with the growing needs of our County.

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1. What is the proposed public safety referendum on the ballot?
2. What will appear on the ballot?
3. What will it mean if a majority of voters vote “yes”?
4. What does it mean if a majority vote “no” and the referendum fails?
5. What is the cost per household?
6. Would this increase be permanent?
7. Why do we need a referendum to raise the tax levy limit?
8. If approved, when will the tax levy increase go into effect and how soon will these positions be available?
9. If we have a growing population adding more taxpayers, why do we need to increase the tax levy through referendum?
10. Where do I find voting information?