What are we doing to keep the cost down?

Updated: 2-9-22

We have experienced staff working on this project that have worked on similar projects in the past. They know what to look for so we can reduce cost. The design for the expansion will take a sustainable approach and reuse as much of the existing building and furniture as we can to keep costs down. After receiving feedback from the County Board, we have updated this project to decrease the scope and cost by over 10 million dollars while still meeting the needs of the County.

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1. What are the population projections of St. Croix County?
2. What studies have been done on the space needs for St. Croix County Government facilities?
3. What are the different phases of this project?
4. What are the benefits of expanding the Government Center now?
5. What is the cost of Phase 2 of this expansion?
6. What are we doing to keep the cost down?
7. What options were considered?
8. What was the process for approval and timeline of this project?
9. Will this impact the surrounding environment?
10. Will this impact traffic or noise in the area?
11. Where can I find more information?