How are deaths due to COVID-19 reported?

COVID-19 deaths that are reported on the St. Croix County Dashboard are reported to us by the state and or the County Medical Examiner. For a death to be reported as a COVID-19 death, COVID-19 is identified as a cause of death or a contributing factor to the death. Deaths among people with COVID-19 that were the result of non-COVID reasons (e.g., accident, overdose, etc.) are not included as a COVID-19 death

The state may be delayed in reporting COVID-19 deaths to local health departments for a variety of reasons. At times there are amendments to or delays to the state receiving notification of these deaths from vital records. The state is working on linking the vital record system with the Wisconsin Electronic Disease Reporting System, however a one to two-month delay may still exist with the vital record system processing. The state has hired additional staff to improve the timeliness and help with any backlogged data. 

The addition of staff to assist with backlogged data and quality assurance measures may result in an increase in the notifications of COVID-19 deaths. These deaths may have occurred earlier in the pandemic. The state is aware of this issue and has provided the information above.   

As of June 30, 2021, zero of the individuals reported as St. Croix County COVID-19 deaths had received any vaccine doses against COVID-19. 

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