May I plant in the County Highway Right of Way?

Landowners need to be aware of the dangers that highway encroachments may present. An encroachment is any prohibited use or activity by property owners within the highway ROW restricting the full use or purpose for which the ROW was established. Encroachments may include, but are not limited to, improperly located mailboxes, trees, signs, crops, fences, driveway headwalls, etc. within highway ROW. Dangerous situations arise from signs and objects placed in vision triangles and along highways and may add unnecessary liability to the landowner. Decorative rocks and modifications to driveways also present a hazard in the clear zone and ditches of highways. Any excavation or activity within the ROW of any highway requires a permit from the agency that has jurisdiction of that highway.

Most recent is the encroachment of corn planted in the road Right-of-way. The height of the corn has caused the restriction of vision especially at intersections.

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