Unidentified Person

In October, 2002, the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office recovered a skull and mandible in a wooded area of a Boy Scout Camp near Houlton, WI. A forensic examination revealed that the skull had most likely been deposited within a year of discovery. 

The unidentified person was a female between the ages of 35 to 50+, of Asian, Asian Pacific or Native American ancestry. She had short mousy-brown hair, between 2 ½ to 3 inches long, and was missing all of her teeth at the time of death.  The female had widely space eyes, a flat face and a pronounced forehead; she most likely would have been typecast as being “different”, mentally retarded or maybe even institutionalized. DNA was recovered and is on file.

Tips about the Case

Anyone having information about this unidentified person, even if you think it is insignificant, is asked to contact the St. Croix County Sheriff's Office Investigation Unit at 715-381-4390 or email the TIP Line.