Town of Pleasant Valley

The most complete planning legislation in Wisconsin’s history was enacted in 1999. The legislation provides communities with the framework to develop a comprehensive plan as a tool to guide future growth. As of January 1, 2010, all communities that make land use decisions, including zoning and subdivision ordinances, need to base those decisions on their adopted comprehensive plan.

Heartland Project

The Pleasant Valley Town Board, with assistance from the St. Croix County Planning & Zoning Department and in conjunction with four other towns in St. Croix County, entered into a joint planning effort, the Heartland Project, to write a comprehensive plan for Pleasant Valley and the other four towns. The Pleasant Valley Town Board adopted the Heartland Plan on March 14, 2006.

Comprehensive Plan

The Executive Summary of the Town of Pleasant Valley’s Comprehensive Plan for 2005 - 2025 includes the town’s vision statement; public input; history; future population, housing and land use projections; goals, objectives and policies for the following planning elements: utilities and community facilities, transportation, housing, economic development, agriculture, natural resources, cultural resources intergovernmental cooperation and land use; and the implementation of those goals, objectives and policies. These items plus additional background data and information for each of the plan elements is available in the complete Heartland Comprehensive Plan document.